New preamplifier for the VSI series

The series VSI has been further developed. Its optionally available preamplifier has been modified and provides significantly more application possibilities.

The pick up system consists of separate preamplifier electronics and an AMR scanning system, incorporated in a cartridge housing, which scans the speed of the rotors proportional to the flow rate by a pole wheel. The system also features a pulse filter, scalable IPF factors to increase the pulse resolution, and the standard sensor module GSM.

For the pick up system materials of highest quality like ceramic and hermetically sealed connectors are solely used to allow a safe application also under the most difficult conditions, like in climatic exposure test cabinets.

The flow meters are characterised by their well-known high precision almost independent of viscosity as well as lowest pressure losses. In addition, the flow meters offer a pulsationfree measurement of the fluid with minimal shear and a short response time due to reduced masses.

The module is suitable for a temperature range of -40°C up to +210°C and can be used in all sizes available of the RS series in cast iron or stainless steel. If necessary, the high temperature pick up system can also be retrofitted.

Published: January, 17 2018