More efficient bonding in aircraft construction

Pumps play a crucial role in the production and manufacturing process of aircrafts, especially in the dosing of adhesives and sealants for bonding and compacting components.

There are various types of pumps used for these tasks, including gear pumps and progressive cavity pumps. The latter have become particularly important due to their high dosing accuracy, reliability and durability. With high filler contents that are larger than the internal tolerance gap dimensions or with fillers such as glass beads, which are important for the structure production of the medium, gear pumps reach their limits and are therefore only suitable to a limited extent. Particularly in applications in aircraft and vehicle construction, high demands are placed on the adhesive or sealant to be used, as they are exposed to great stresses due to thermals and ambient temperatures.

Due to their high resistance to abrasive and viscous media, the progressive cavity pumps of the Beinlich ViSCO.series are ideal, as they dose particularly precisely and reliably. The pumps of the ViSCO.series are self-sealing and do not require an additional metering shut-off valve to prevent dripping. This results in a clean application without material loss. Especially when sealing screws and rivets, gluing and compacting individual components or filling edges, the user is offered decisive advantages from the point of view of environmental protection, but also from an economic point of view.

Published: April, 28 2023