From calculation to your product

To achieve an optimum performance, the German manufacturer DST Dauermagnet-SystemTechnik GmbH offers a special service to our customers. They make sure the technical feasibility of every inquiry by carrying out a series of calculations and simulations. This means that they work with concrete data and design guidelines directly from the planning phase. Professional simulation software helps them to consider different application parameters like pressure, torque and speed.

DST uses precise modelling techniques to perform the following simulations:

  • Simulation of mechanical strength for different structural loads and conditions
  • Simulation of torque (well over 1,000 magnet configurations already available)
  • Simulation of eddy current losses for different canister materials
  • Simulation for different magnet geometries, magnet pole numbers, materials, magnetisation, and many more
  • Static / transient magnetic field simulation
  • Simulation for centrifugal force at high RPM
  • Customer-specific development projects on request

With various calculations DST develops a suitable magnetic coupling design according to the customer’s specifications and by taking into consideration the operating parameters, eddy current and/or friction losses, torque, and many more. So they work with concrete data right from the beginning to check if the product complies with important design guidelines according to AD-2000 and ASME-VIII, Div-1. Thus, DST makes an application-specific material selection based on the relevant calculations and simulations.

Published: October, 25 2018