DARTec® – The Pump Series for the Highest Dispensing Precision

Small, lightweight, compact, efficient – this describes the new pump series from Beinlich Pumpen GmbH. DARTec® (dispense-automation-robot-technology) was designed for applications that depend on the highest level of repetition and dispensing precision.

With its 700 gram lightweight construction, DARTec® is optimal for use on handling equipment and robots. Small masses to be moved make a high level of dynamics in the process possible. The permanently lubricated bearings that do not come into contact with the fluid lead to optimised overall efficiency. Loss of friction in the slide bearings, heating up of the fluid and problems with a chemical reaction of the fluid are no longer relevant – especially not with fluids, like methacrylate for example, that experience a temperature increase through friction and tend towards polymerisation.

Diverse materials for media contact parts like gears, centre plates and stop disks are available for delivery. An optimum customised design is thus available for the application at hand. If needed, models with motors are available as complete solutions according to customer specifications.

Published: June, 30 2015