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SUCO Electronic pressure monitoring

SUCO offers a wide range of electronic pressure switches, which are available as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) versions. An electronic pressure switch converts the medium pressure which is present at the measuring cell into a digital, electrical switch signal (ON/OFF). An electronic pressure switch is more complex than a mechanical pressure switch, and thus generally more expensive. As an electronic pressure switch has no moving parts (relative to each other), it usually has a much prolonged service life and provides a higher level of precision (depending on application). The hysteresis can be set over a wide range and virtually independently of the switching point. Electronic pressure switches can also be equipped with additional functions, such as optical displays and menu control. 

Electronic pressure switches from SUCO do comply with all important industrial EMC standards. The basis for the standards are the stricter thresholds for transient emissions in residential environments (EN 61000-6-3) and immunity for industrial environments (EN 61000-6-2).

SUCO uses different sensor types to offer a perfect fit to your application.

The different sensor technologies are ceramic thick film / measuring cell and oil filled sensors. Though, the jewel of our sensor technologies is the Silicone on Sapphire Technology (SoS-Technology) used in the premium 053x-Range which offers excellent temperature and long term stability in combination of a high overpressure safety of 4times. Thus this range is an excellent choice for rough conditions in mobile hydraulics.

More information on SUCO electronic pressure switches can be found in the product catalogue.