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Damping elements

HBE offers a range of soundproofing accessories like damping rods, damping flanges and damping rings. The noise reduction therefore is between 3 and 8 dB.

Damping rods
  • Reduction of sound level / damping vibrations
  • Finished for IEC motors IMB 35 (MDS), NEMA motors, PTFL foot brackets (PTFL-DL) resp. PTFS foot brackets (PTFL-DS)
  • Available ex stock
  • Special length and designs possible on request
  • Material: rubber (NR) / steel
Damping flanges
  • Damping flanges are applied in connection with HBE bellhousings and pump brackets between hydraulic pumps and E-motors
  • Consist of two aluminium components, which are connected to each other by a mouled-on rubber coating (perbunan-NBR) without metallic contact
  • The materials applied are resistant to mineral oils and are suitable for working temperatures up to +80°C, +100°C temporary
  • The achievable reduction of sound level amounts to 8 dB (A)
  • For optimisation, two different shore hardnesses are available (S=standard; H=hard)
Damping rings
  • For application between bellhousing and tank vertically or horizontally
  • Damping rings consist of two vulcanised perbunan coated combined aluminium rings
  • Integrated breakaway device
  • Application: mineral oil up to max. +80°C
  • Noise reduction: approx. 3-5 dB (A)
  • Sealing lips moulded-on, no additional sealing necessary

HBE additionally offers mounting flanges which allow an assembly and disassembly of the drive unit inclusive the pressure line without a removal of the container lid. They are made from the material ST 37 and suitable for bellhousings with a diameter of 160 to 400 mm.

More information on damping elements can be found in our product catalogue. For detailed information and technical specifications, please contact our employees.